An expert collection on the military applications of AI

By | April 24, 2018

The military applications of AI The military applications of AI

Over the course of this week, the Bulletin, in partnership with the Stanley Foundation, is publishing top experts on how to manage the explosion of military AI research and development around the world.

Here’s what you need to know:

The promise and peril of military applications of artificial intelligence
Michael C Horowitz; @mchorowitz
Published Monday, April 23

Fear of false negatives: AI and China’s nuclear posture
Lora Saalman
Published Tuesday, April 24

Defending against “The Entertainment”
William Regli

Manifestos and open letters: Back to the future?
Kerstin Vignard; @KVignard
Publishes Thursday, April 26th

Why the world needs to regulate autonomous weapons, and soon 
Peter Asaro; @PeterAsaro
Publishes Friday, April 27th

Read the entire collection on the “Military Applications of Artificial Intelligence”

This project is part of a collaboration between the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and the Stanley Foundation.

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