A presidential announcement on the Iran deal, via Twitter

By | May 7, 2018

Trump tweeting on the Iran dealTrump tweeting on the Iran deal

Earlier today, President Donald Trump tweeted that he will be announcing his decision on whether to reimpose economic sanctions on Iran tomorrow, Tuesday, May 8, at 2 PM Eastern. Despite evidence that Tehran is complying with the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), it is widely expected that Trump will announce a reimposition of sanctions, effectively ending US participation in the agreement.

Examine the critical elements of the Iran deal by reading through the work of our columnist, Ariane Tababai. It’s all here at the Bulletin.

What you need to know:

What are Iranian hardliners saying on social media?
Ariane Tabatabai

The Bolton threat to the Iran nuclear deal
Ariane Tabatabai

Trump plays into hands of Iranian hardliners
Ariane Tabatabai

Shoddy translation in the Western media is increasing nuclear tensions—again
Ariane Tabatabai

An Iran memo to Trump
Ariane Tabatabai

Trump said he’d tear up the Iran nuclear deal. Now what?
Ariane Tabatabai

Hands across the lab: Will the US and Iran cooperate on science?
Ariane Tabatabai

How the United States benefits if Iran’s economy booms
Ariane Tabatabai, Minsu Crowder-Han

Should South Korea be Iran’s next nuclear energy partner?
Ariane Tabatabai, Duyeon Kim

Iran Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Tabatabai was a consultant on this segment of Last Week Tonight. As she describes the segment: “It jam-packs the segment with a lot of info on US-Iran relations, Iranian culture, and the deal (and most of it is fairly on point) and it’s hilarious.”

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