Special issue on missile defense, and a brand new website

By | July 2, 2018

July/August issue on missile defenseJuly/August issue on missile defense

The July/August issue is now available!
Driven by varying (mis)perceptions of the motives and capabilities of their adversaries, the United States, China, and Russia are pursuing their own versions of missile defenses. In this issue, we look at this expensive, ineffective, and potentially destabilizing international pursuit with the help of an extraordinary lineup of the world’s top missile defense experts. This special issue has been made entirely free-access until September, 2018. Explore the special issue on missile defense and visit our new website for what you need to know about the issues that matter.

Missile Defense, around the world and, perhaps, in space

Introduction: The great missile defense dilemma
John Mecklin

Limitations on ballistic missile defense—past and possibly future
George Lewis, Frank von Hippel

A new boost-phase missile defense system—and its diplomatic uses in the North Korea dispute

James E. Goodby, Theodore A. Postol

US Ground-based midcourse missile defense: Expensive and unreliable
Laura Grego

The vicissitudes of Russian missile defense
Alexey Arbatov

Why a space-based missile interceptor system is not viable

Thomas G. Roberts

China’s attitudes toward missile defense and its limitation

Li Bin

Other Features

Deterrence and its discontents

Ulrich Kühn

The mythical benefits of military automation

Robert R. Hoffman, Nadine Sarter, Matthew Johnson, and John K. Hawley

Waste makes haste: How a campaign to speed up nuclear waste shipments shut down the WIPP long-term repository

Vincent Ialenti

The making of a non-proliferation law: A memoir

Leonard Weiss 


Garlin Gilchrist: Fighting fake news and the information apocalypse

Dawn Stover

Nuclear Notebook

Chinese nuclear forces, 2018

Hans M. Kristensen and Robert S. Norris

Together, we make the world safer.

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