2018 Annual Fund – Spring Goal Met!

By , August 9, 2018

We are grateful for your generous support during our spring drive and to Bill and Eleanor Revelle for the inspiring $30,000 matching gift challenge for June and July. The Bulletin community is growing and we welcomed over 100 new supporters since the beginning of 2018.

Your ongoing endorsement matters because there is so much work that we must continue to do together.

The research we publish and the discussions we generate are not for the faint of heart. Nuclear proliferation, the effects of climate change, and the yet-unnamed ethical challenges that we face from disruptive technologies are serious, sobering, and real.

With your help we can open more channels between scientific and political leaders all over the world. Thank you for your uncompromising commitment. 

For more information about ways to support our work visit https://thebulletin.org/support-the-bulletin/ or call our Gift Officer at 773.834.2308


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