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By , August 14, 2018


In 2009, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists became one of the first major print publications to go all-digital; this past July, we launched a brand-new website with a crisp look, intuitive layout, and improved navigation. It’s the same great Bulletin content—analysis, interactives, voices of rising scholars—in an updated, mobile-friendly package.

Now, you can read the Bulletin on Apple News. If you’re part of the rapidly growing segment of our readers who get access to the Bulletin through an iPhone or iPad, you can follow our Apple News channel to stay in the know. The same quality analysis, organized by topic, will be immediately available in the News app to read, like, and share via email or social media.

We’re growing and providing a wider range of content than ever before. With plans in the works for many new types of offerings, the Bulletin is rapidly becoming a go-to source for those who want to know what is happening and how to work towards a safer and healthier planet.

Where can you find the best analysis on the planet’s most important issues? At, and now on Apple News.


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