Special Issue: Trust, but verify

By | September 5, 2018

The September/October issue is now available!

Over the last year, North Korean nuclear weapons and missile testing have dominated the headlines, as has the precarious status of the Iran nuclear deal. Nuclear weapons are back in the minds of citizens everywhere, along with questions about how arms control and nonproliferation efforts are monitored. In our September/October special issue, we pull together leading experts to examine the nuts and bolts of inspections, safeguards, and the verification of arms control agreements. Here’s what you need to know:

The verification of arms control agreements

North Korean verification: Good enough for government work?
Gary Samore

Washington-Moscow nuclear verification: Tensions and solutions
Steven Pifer

International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification: Laying a foundation for future arms reductions
Corey Hinderstein

How the IAEA verifies if a country’s nuclear program is peaceful or not: The legal basis.
Laura Rockwood

Other features

Burning waste or playing with fire? Waste management considerations for non-traditional reactors.
Lindsay Krall and Allison Macfarlane

Chronic long-term risk of low-level radiation exposure: Bridging the lay/expert divide
François Diaz-Maurin


Ventilator blues: Infectious disease expert Tom Inglesby on the next major pandemic
Lucien Crowder

Nuclear Notebook

Pakistani nuclear forces, 2018
Hans M. Kristensen, Robert S. Norris, and Julia Diamond

Together, we make the world safer.

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