Hanoi Summit: Read up on US-NK relations

By , February 26, 2019

What next for the US and North Korea?

On Wednesday, President Trump will meet Kim Jong-un for a second summit, this time in Hanoi, Vietnam. Dive into nuclear policy and the Korean peninsula to learn what can and can’t be achieved in this round of negotiations, and what should be at the top of the agenda in Hanoi.

Here’s what you need to know:

Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula begins with a peace declaration
David Kim

Goals for any arms control proposal with North Korea
John K. Warden, Ankit Panda

What North Korea wants from the next US summit
Duyeon Kim

Sig Hecker on North Korea in 2018
Katy Gabel Chui

How to make progress with North Korea now
Robert J. Goldston

How to tell if North Korea is serious about denuclearization
Duyeon Kim

North Korea’s other weapons of mass destruction
Alexandra Bell, Abby Pokraka

North Korean verification: Good enough for government work?
Gary Samore

Nuclear Notebook

North Korean nuclear capabilities, 2018
Hans M. Kristensen, Robert S. Norris

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