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By , April 24, 2019

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The Bulletin‘s content is both influential and understandable–an authoritative guide that confronts man-made threats to our existence. Check out a few recent articles you may have missed, and be sure to share with a friend!

Nuclear Risk coverage

A new moment for US nuclear policy
Joe Cirincione

The Trump administration is eager to sell nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia. But why?
Aileen Murphy, M. V. Ramana

Dragons, nuclear weapons, and Game of Thrones

Timothy Westmyer

Climate Change coverage

A warming Arctic, another exhausted polar bear
Dawn Stover

The 1930s all over again: Critics call the Green New Deal socialism
Adam M. Sowards

Trees at the South Pole, 60 feet of sea-level rise.
Damian Carrington

Disruptive Technology coverage

Is cyberwarfare war? Insurers balk at paying for some cyberattacks
Matt Field

Why did Defense end its contract with the legendary Jason group?
John Mecklin 

Hackers keep North Korea’s weapons program running
Matt Field

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