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By , June 6, 2019

2019 Annual Fund for the Bulletin

For nearly 75 years, the Bulletin has held on to one core conviction – we believe that science should serve humanity, not threaten it.

The Doomsday Clock was set in January at two minutes to midnight – in doing so we have defined the current moment as the new abnormal. We were intentional about not minimizing the situation by calling it normal – you know it’s not, and so do we.

We hope you will partner with us by making a gift to our 2019 Annual Fund. In this environment – where communication is inflaming passions rather than informing reason – the Bulletin promotes policy debates essential to healthy democracies and a livable planet.

Make a gift today! Help us turn back the Clock.



For more information about ways to give, including IRA gifts and gifts of mutual funds, stocks, and securities, visit For assistance, please contact our Gift Officer at [email protected] or 773.834.2308.


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