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By , August 22, 2019

China Will Soon Surpass France as the World’s Third-Largest Nuclear Armed State

Since 1987, the Bulletin’s Nuclear Notebook column has revealed surprise nuclear activity and spot-on arsenal estimates around the world. Researched and compiled by Hans M. Kristensen and Matt Korda of the Federation of American Scientists, the Nuclear Notebook is a critical resource for scholars, activists, and concerned citizens. Because of its importance, we’ll always keep it free-to-access.

In the most recent Nuclear Notebook, Kristensen and Korda drill drown into the Chinese nuclear arsenal, writing that it “includes about 290 warheads for delivery by ballistic missiles and bombers…we estimate that China will soon surpass France as the world’s third-largest nuclear-armed state.”

Check out all 2019 Notebook columns and the Nuclear Notebook Interactive, a multimedia graphic of the world’s nuclear arsenals.


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