Sponsored: Ploughshares Fund seeks new president

By | February 19, 2020

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Ploughshares Fund is seeking a president with the passion and experience to continue the organization’s success and guide it into the next phase of its history. Ploughshares Fund is the largest private foundation dedicated exclusively to eliminating nuclear weapons.

Position Summary

In a changing global landscape and with a current spotlight on nuclear risks, Ploughshares Fund is well positioned to shape the moment. The ideal candidate will be a leader who can set a vision and achieve short- and long-term goals and objectives for progress towards a nuclear weapons-free world. The next leader will seek to leverage Ploughshares Fund’s role as a network facilitator in the progressive national security community, engage with new audiences and bring additional financial resources to the organization. Nurturing Ploughshares Fund’s strengths through the media and advocacy efforts will continue to be a focus of the next president as tools in advancing the organization’s mission.

The next leader of Ploughshares Fund will work to bring greater public awareness and new voices to the issues surrounding nuclear weapons, with a clear interest in engaging younger and more diverse audiences. Together, and with its new leader, Ploughshares Fund seeks to finish the job of eliminating nuclear weapons as a global threat.

About Ploughshares Fund

Ploughshares Fund is a global security foundation with offices in San Francisco and Washington DC. Ploughshares Fund works to build a safe, secure, nuclear weapons-free world by developing and investing in efforts to reduce and eliminate the world’s nuclear stockpiles, and to promote stability in regions of conflict where they exist.

For inquiries about the Ploughshares Fund president job opportunity, or to nominate a candidate, e-mail: [email protected]

Together, we make the world safer.

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