VIDEO: Ukraine invasion intensifies as world watches

By Thomas Gaulkin | February 27, 2022

Russia pressed on with its invasion of Ukraine through the weekend, and social media continued to prove its essential, grisly role in the documentation of 21st-century conflict. Defying Vladimir Putin’s increasingly bellicose rhetoric, Ukraine’s President Zelensky posted videos from the streets around Kyiv’s government district that appeared to galvanize Ukraine’s army of soldiers and citizens—as well as world opinion—in opposition to Russia’s assault. In this new compilation of recordings from Ukraine, surreal clips of tanks driving in urban traffic and gunfights near playgrounds filled social media feeds alongside ghastly footage of missile strikes, destruction, and panic as people fled for shelter below ground and across Ukraine’s western borders. (Editor’s note: While we endeavor to ensure any footage obtained from online channels is authentic, not all videos have been verified.)

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CJ Johnson
CJ Johnson
2 years ago

*Please Share With Whoever You See Fit!* A Letter to the People of The United States of America. While the World watches in knowing disbelief the horrifying events taking place at this moment in Ukraine, I think it needs to be noticed by each and every one of us, the Amazing Courage & Bravery of the citizens of that embattled country! The People of Ukraine are what We The People aspire to be. Like our forefathers before, fighting for independence from an oppressive state who’s ideals and values were not inline with our own. They of able body are at… Read more »

1 year ago

The sound of the sirens in one of the video clips made my heart drop into my stomach, and that’s a feeling I don’t easily get from videos. Something about it was so eerie, the echoing of the siren on what looked like a calm night. Makes me feel sick to my stomach. I wish my country was currently doing more to help, especially considering the pattern being repeated that is so similar to other wars. I’m only seventeen years old, so of course I’m “naive” (except I am actually quite cynical). Though, I am naive to the destruction of… Read more »

David leen
David leen
1 year ago

John Deere anounced the suspension of shipments to Russia. With spring upon us it would be a good idea to suspend service and maintenance on existing equipment including software if you haven’t already done so.