The Bulletin welcomes 2024 Editorial Fellows

By Sarah Starkey | February 12, 2024

From left to right: Shanya Korol, Abi Olvera, and Chloe Shrager.

The Bulletin is thrilled to welcome Shayna Korol, Abi Olvera, and Chloe Shrager as 2024 editorial fellows and to announce that Bulletin climate change fellow, Chad Small, will return for a second year of the program.

Bulletin Editorial Fellows have significant experience, an established record of publishing quality work, and recognition as an emerging leader in their respective fields. Fellows will work closely with a designated editor to shape and develop their stories and are expected to produce 4 pieces per year.

The Bulletin’s Editorial Fellows Program is part of an organizational commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion designed to promote a greater variety of viewpoints and lived experiences on the Bulletin’s platform. Underlying the Bulletin’s commitment is a powerful practical reality: A more diverse group of authors who write regularly for the Bulletin will improve the quality and the impact of our journalism. 

About the fellows

Shayna Korol is the Bulletin‘s biosecurity editorial fellow. She is a program associate at the Nuclear Threat Initiative’s Global Biological Policy and Programs (NTI | Bio). She focuses on addressing global catastrophic biological risks, disincentivizing state actors from developing or using biological weapons, and cultivating new biosecurity talent. Shayna was the inaugural Biosecurity Policy Fellow at NTI, sponsored by the Horizon Institute for Public Service. She is a writer and researcher whose work has been published in Asia-Pacific Leadership Network, Becker’s Hospital Review, HuffPost,, and previously worked as a reporter for BioNews Services. She holds a degree from Brandeis University in Health: Science, Society, and Policy.

Abi Olvera is the Bulletin‘s disruptive technologies editorial fellow. She is a Council on Strategic Risks Senior Fellow, specializing in systemic risks across AI, biosecurity, and cybersecurity. With roles focusing on China, Egypt, and Senegal at the Department of State, she has focused on emerging technologies, macroeconomic stability, and international coordination. As a board member of Rethink Priorities and an affiliate with the Institute for AI Policy and Strategy, Olvera advances research on AI and existential risk. Her TEDx talk and publications highlight the need for policy reforms to combat systemic inequities and enhance government accountability. She is the author of Underdog’s Guide to Scholarships, the first aid book specifically for U.S. low-income students.

Chloe Shrager is the Bulletin‘s nuclear risk editorial fellow.  She is a soon-to-be graduate of Stanford University, where she is finishing her B.A. in Political Science with a focus on nuclear weapons policy, human rights, and journalism. She has previously worked at the San Francisco Chronicle as a Breaking News reporting intern and has been published in Inkstick Media for her investigation into the nuclear legacy of the Marshall Islands. Second only to her passion for nuclear journalism is Chloe’s love for outdoor education. In her free time, you’ll find her working as a seasonal ski coach in Lake Tahoe, leading overnight backpacking trips through Stanford’s Outdoors Center, playing winger for the Stanford Women’s Rugby Team, or just camping with friends!

Together, we make the world safer.

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