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1 May 2015
Global forum

Between 2014 and 2023, the United States expects to spend $355 billion to modernize its nuclear arsenal. In subsequent decades, even higher expenditures are envisioned. But Washington is far from alone in modernizing its nuclear weapons.

25 February 2015

Modernizing nuclear arsenals: Whether and how

Eugene MiasnikovMatthew KroenigLu Yin

Nuclear-armed nations say arsenals must be modernized to keep them safe, secure, and effective. Disarmament advocates say that extensive modernizations undercut the goal of eliminating nuclear weapons.

6 February 2015

Nuclear decisions, long-lasting consequences

The author argues that it’s up to the American people to decide how large their nuclear arsenal should be, and how much nuclear modernization the country should pursue—but it’s important to remember that these decisions will have long-lasting implications for the rest of the world.

16 January 2015

Constructive steps, not dominance

The author argues that, if one acknowledges complete nuclear disarmament as a desirable goal, it is imperative to seek ways in which governments can advance that goal in the near term.

7 January 2015

Modernization and “zero”: Compatible tendencies?

The author argues that, from Russia’s perspective, US efforts to make its strategic delivery systems more usable represent an obstacle to further nuclear disarmament.