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1 September 2015
Global forum

The technology surrounding missiles that fly at five or more times the speed of sound is not mature, but several nations have tested hypersonic missiles.

6 August 2015

Test ban for hypersonic missiles?

Mark GubrudRajaram NagappaTong Zhao

Hypersonic missile technology, if it ever matures, will enable quick strikes over long distances. But critics say that hypersonics are destabilizing—for example, they could be used to attack nuclear installations or could be mistaken for nuclear-armed missiles.

29 July 2015

Hypersonic missiles: Where the technology leads

The author argues that technological barriers to deploying hypersonic missiles will inevitably be overcome, and it is inconceivable that nations such as the United States, China, and Russia will agree to a hypersonic test ban without overcoming those barriers first.

9 July 2015

Hypersonics are here to stay

The author argues that, with the pace of development of hypersonic technology accelerating, it's unrealistic to contemplate a ban on hypersonic missile tests.

25 June 2015

New technology, familiar risks

The author argues that, rather than banning hypersonic missile tests, it is better to use the time before hypersonics are deployed to debate their risks, develop deterrents to their use, and work out necessary confidence-building measures.