Now, Then, and the Future: The Bulletin Turns 75

JOHN MECKLIN, editor  | With a foreword by NOAM CHOMSKY


"[T]he Bulletin has been in the forefront of our effort to break the silence, to lift the veil that conceals the dread fate to which the human species is hurtling..."

— Noam Chomsky

Revolutionary American theoretical linguist

The history of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is a remarkable one, full of some of the greatest thinkers of modern times trying to grapple with a truly existential dilemma: the first invention of humankind that could exterminate humanity.

This 365-page 75th anniversary book gathers some of the best writing published by the Bulletin so far. It includes never-before-seen bonus material, with a foreword from noted theoretical linguist and author Noam Chomsky.


Interviews with and articles by:

Arthur C. Clarke

Jennifer Doudna

Albert Einstein & Edward Teller

Beatrice Fihn

Mikhail Gorbachev

Rose Gottemoeller

Fiona Hill

John F. Kennedy

J. Robert Oppenheimer

William J. Perry

Martin Rees

& more!