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How many people does it take to save a planet?

It takes you - the public, policy makers, scientists, and all who believe, like we do, that advances in science and technology should make life on earth better, not worse. It’s up to us to recognize and support public policies that reduce manmade existential threats such as nuclear war, climate change, and disruptive technologies.

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Read, Write, Engage


Read the Bulletin and other reputable publications to stay informed about the world and the incredible pace of scientific and technological change. Write letters-to-the-editor for your local newspaper, outlining policies you would like to see in place both locally and on a national scale. Engage with your elected officials to let them know you expect them to support evidence-based solutions to the existential issues of our time. A good place to start is with our topic pages on Nuclear Risk, Climate Change, and Disruptive Technologies, as well as the 2018 Doomsday Clock Statement. We have what you need to Read, Write, and Engage. How many people does it take to save a planet? It takes you.


Get inspired!

Dr. Yangyang Cheng, the Bulletin's 2017 Rieser Award recipient, brought down the house at this year's Annual Dinner. Read her essay, "Let science be science again."

The Bulletin's new executive chair, California Governor Jerry Brown, brought the audience to its feet with his remarks at the Annual Dinner. Read this interview with Governor Brown about his decision to join the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.