Ban Brief

On March 27 to March 31 and June 15 to July 7 a majority of the world’s nations are meeting at UN headquarters in New York City to negotiate a treaty banning nuclear weapons. Ban Brief offers regular updates on the negotiations, their background, and their implications. It is written by Tim Wright, Asia-Pacific director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, and Ray Acheson, director of Reaching Critical Will.

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15 June 2017

Women and the ban the bomb movement

Women will be at the forefront of the effort to ban the bomb—as they have been since the dawn of the nuclear age.
15 June 2017

The nuclear weapons ban and the NPT

Ban negotiations haven't undermined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but nuclear-armed nations balk at them nonetheless.
23 May 2017

A first draft of the world's first nuclear weapons ban

On Monday, negotiators unveiled the first draft of a historic UN treaty to ban nuclear weapons. Here's what it says.
25 April 2017

If you abhor chemical attacks, support a ban on nuclear weapons

An atomic bomb does vastly more damage than a chemical weapon. Why won't leaders who condemn the latter also condemn the former?
5 April 2017

A ban on nuclear weapons is within sight

Negotiators could reach a global treaty by July 7, say diplomats who participated in the first week of talks.
3 April 2017

What will be in the ban?

Though the states participating in nuclear weapon ban negotiations agree on basic prohibitions, some subjects provoked debate.
28 March 2017

As 120 countries push for a ban, nuclear survivors take the floor

Governments plough forward on nuclear weapons prohibition, despite US opposition. On Tuesday, a Hiroshima survivor and a survivor of nuclear testing made the humanitarian case.
28 March 2017

Nuclear ban negotiators reject US-British-French boycott logic

The many governments meeting to create a treaty banning nuclear weapons aim for an agreement as early as July, and even the Pope weighs in.
23 March 2017

The ban movement's early impact

Efforts to establish a UN treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons are already having an effect, pressuring governments to explain why they're sitting out negotiations.
20 March 2017

A historic turning point for disarmament

Almost half a century has passed since governments concluded the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Today, most of the 190 states party would agree that too little has been done toward realizing its core objective: a world free of nuclear weapons.