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1 November 2016
Nuclear notebook

Pakistan has a nuclear weapons stockpile of 130–140 warheads and appears to have plans to increase its arsenal further.

3 July 2016
Nuclear notebook

The modernization of China’s land-based nuclear-capable missile force has progressed significantly over the past year, with Beijing fielding a new version of an existing nuclear missile and a new dual-capable missile. The country has also reorganized its nuclear missile command structure.

3 May 2016
Nuclear notebook

Russia is in the middle of a broad modernization of its strategic and nonstrategic nuclear forces, including some new developments.

3 March 2016
Nuclear notebook

The US nuclear arsenal remained roughly unchanged in the last year, with the Defense Department maintaining an estimated stockpile of some 4,670 warheads to be delivered via ballistic missiles and aircraft. Most of these warheads are not deployed but stored, and many are destined to be retired.

2 January 2016
Nuclear notebook

Newly declassified documents from the US Defense Department show how many nuclear weapons the United States deployed at sea between 1953 and 1991.

1 November 2015
Nuclear notebook

Pakistan has a nuclear weapons stockpile of 110 to 130 warheads, an increase from an estimated 90 to 110 warheads in 2011.

1 September 2015
Nuclear notebook

With several long-range ballistic missiles in development, the Indian nuclear posture is entering an important new phase. After nearly two decades of focusing on nuclear competition with Pakistan, New Delhi seems to now be paying attention to its future strategic relationship with China.

1 July 2015
Nuclear notebook

China is the only one of the five original nuclear weapon states that is quantitatively increasing the size of its nuclear arsenal and it now is estimated to have approximately 260 warheads. The arsenal’s capabilities are also increasing as older missiles are replaced with newer ones.

1 May 2015
Nuclear notebook

Russia is modernizing its strategic and nonstrategic nuclear warheads. It currently has 4,500 nuclear warheads, of which roughly 1,780 strategic warheads are deployed on missiles and at bomber bases. Another 700 strategic warheads are in storage along with roughly 2,000 nonstrategic warheads.

1 March 2015
Nuclear notebook

As of early 2015, the authors estimate that the US Defense Department maintains about 4,760 nuclear warheads. Of this number, they estimate that approximately 2,080 warheads are deployed while 2,680 warheads are in storage.