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28 May 2016

Rachel Bronson on PBS NewsHour

Rachel Bronson

President Barack Obama used his unprecedented visit to Hiroshima to call attention to the grave threat nuclear weapons still pose to the world. The Bulletin’s Executive Director and Publisher Rachel Bronson appeared on PBS’s NewsHour alongside former Assistant Secretary of State Stephen Rademaker to discuss that threat and the president’s nuclear legacy. Watch the segment now.

3 April 2016

"Command and Control," terrifying soon at a theater near you

Rachel Bronson

Eric Schlosser’s new documentary film, Command and Control, will be publicly released later this year. When it comes to a theater near you, run to see it. It is that good.

3 February 2016

Why the Doomsday Clock matters

Rachel Bronson

Renowned graphic designer Michael Bierut has called the Bulletin’s Doomsday Clock the most powerful piece of information design of the 20th century, and last week’s Clock announcement showed its impact to have continued—and grown—well into the 21st.

2 January 2016

The nuclear agreement that Iran and six major world powers signed in 2015 has focused the international community’s attention on Middle Eastern nuclear politics.

5 August 2015
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Hiroshima and the Iran agreement

Rachel Bronson

The Hiroshima anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned (or not learned) from nuclear war and seven decades of trying to prevent its recurrence, and to apply that knowledge to the current situation in the Middle East

16 July 2015

The start of the nuclear age

Rachel Bronson

Looking back, and forward, on the 70th anniversary of the Trinity detonation

16 March 2015

A message to our community

Dear Friends: As the Bulletin’s new Executive Director and Publisher, I cannot think of a more important set of issues than those taken up by our editors, columnists, and contributors.