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12 May 2015
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Removing sanctions against Iran—creatively

Navid HassibiTom Sauer

A short delay in implementation of an agreement on Iran's nuclear program could help address the concerns of the United States, Iran, and other parties to the negotiations, and even allow for US congressional review.

23 June 2014

Ukraine shows uselessness of NATO nukes in Europe

Tom Sauer

Nuclear weapons aren’t credible reassurances for the Baltic states.

1 September 2013

Reviewing decades of sanctions on Iran, the authors write that a diplomatic resolution should be the approach to resolving the standoff with Iran over its nuclear program.

1 September 2010
The debate over the removal of tactical weapons is not a simple one; linked with it are the debates over the utility of NATO and how to reach a global consensus on nuclear disarmament. Advocates of withdrawal view inaction regarding tactical
23 November 2009

Time to reconsider U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe

Bob van der ZwaanTom Sauer

Often, it seems as though unimportant policy issues are constantly debated, while important ones are forgotten. For those decision makers who want to maintain the status quo, the advantage of the latter situation is the absence of any pressure for policy change. U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe are a perfect example. Despite the end of the Cold War about two decades ago, approximately 200 U.S. tactical nuclear weapons quietly remain on European soil. Whether they retain any relevance in the twenty-first century is debatable to say the least.