Beyond the 2010 NPT Review Conference: What’s next for nuclear disarmament?

By Ray Acheson, November 1, 2010

Although many have hailed the 2010 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review
Conference as a success, this author argues that some felt the final document
hid the resistance of nuclear weapon states to making meaningful commitments to
disarmament and the resulting reluctance of non-nuclear weapon states to agree
on substantial measures toward non proliferation. At the intergovernmental
level, the call for “political will” for nuclear
disarmament is strong; but, the author writes, the elites discussing and
deciding issues like arms control and disarmament have managed to disconnect
them from broader issues of global order and domestic governance, thereby
excluding the citizens directly affected by these issues. Achieving nuclear
disarmament, the author writes, will require the engagement of people resolved
to face the challenges of our time with a focus on justice, peace, and
international security.


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