The Iranian quagmire: How to move forward.

By Kayhan Barzegar, November 1, 2010

As the writers in this symposium illustrate, dealing with Iran’s
nuclear program is one of the most important foreign policy issues of the day.
Years of stalled talks, diplomatic dead-ends, and sanctions have made it
difficult to see exactly where progress has been made and what efforts are worth
pursuing. In this Global Forum, leading foreign policy experts weigh in from
around the world on the options for how to move forward with
Iran—from diplomacy to fuel swaps to military strikes. Whatever
their proposed solutions, the writers express one common theme: We ignore Iran
at our own peril. From the US, Thomas R. Pickering (2010), Lawrence J. Korb
(2010), and Bennett
Ramberg (2010); from Turkey, Mustafa Kibaroglu (2010); from Iran,
Kayhan Barzegar; and from Israel, Emily B. Landau (2010). Over the months
of November and December, this forum will continue at


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