Henry Jacqz: A student of climate change

By , March 1, 2015

In this interview, Tufts University sophomore Henry Jacqz talks with the Bulletin about the Massachusetts-based group Students for a Just and Stable Future and its efforts to spur action on climate change. Jacqz describes the nationwide campaign to divest university endowments from the top publicly traded fossil fuel companies, and explains why he sees the financial case against divestment as a feeble one—and the moral case in favor of divestment as a slam dunk. He also describes student efforts to push for bolder action on climate at all levels of government, including student senates and the Massachusetts state Legislature and governor's office. Jacqz talks about the best ways to communicate the divestment narrative to the public, and the challenge of convincing students that they can have a meaningful impact on the climate dialogue. His group hopes to make politicians aware that students care a great deal about climate, and to spark public discussion about the pollution impacts and social inequities caused by fossil fuel companies that remain committed to intensifying climate change.


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