Nuclear Roundup: 10/21/16

By Jodi Lieberman | October 21, 2016

A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran: Government Issues First Report On Nuclear Deal Implementation

Opinion: The Danger of Connecting Iran Nuclear Deal with Attacks on U.S. Warships

How to Ensure the Iran Nuclear Deal Survives the Next President

United States

Updated B61 Nuclear Bomb to Cost $8.25 Billion

MOX, plutonium disposition featured in science magazine

Loose Nukes

Clinton's debate reference to nuclear response rekindles judgement questions

Lax Feds Make America’s Nuclear Arsenal Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Los Alamos Scientist Recognized For Work To Increase Availability Of Critical Medical Isotope


Are Russia and America Headed Towards a Nuclear War?

Russian nuclear-powered warships expected to enter UK waters on Friday

Russia Welcomes US Offer to Hold Special INF Treaty Commission in November

Ban Nuclear Weapons? With US and Russia in Cold War, United Nations Inches Closer To New Disarmament Policy

Moscow's Plan B: Stop destroying plutonium

Russian Lower House Adopts Bill Suspending Plutonium Agreement with US

China taking samples of radioactive material after North Korea nuclear test

N. Korea biggest challenge to missile non-proliferation: Seoul

Pentagon: A North Korean nuclear attack 'will be met with an overwhelming and effective response'

NUAC proposed redeploying US tactical nuclear weapons in South Korea

New nuclear submarine given famous naval name

France’s nuclear watchdog wants to shut down 5 reactors over failure risk

LDP may lose next election if nuclear exit becomes main issue: ex-PM

General Interest

Fear of an imminent terrorist attack runs deep around the world

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