Nuclear Roundup: 6/8/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | June 8, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

North Korea razing key missile test stand

Trump just made 3 shocking statements about North Korea

Pompeo: Giuliani “doesn’t speak for the administration” on North Korea

Putin: North Korea wants “absolute” security guarantee to abandon nuclear arms

“Complete, verifiable, irreversible” a tough goal for North Korea summit

Trump joins dog pile on Senate Democrats over their “delusional” demands for the North Korea summit

Ex-Sens. Nunn And Lugar on disarming North Korea

North Korea denuclearization could cost $20 billion

Would a North Korea nuclear deal be better than the one Trump just abandoned with Iran?

Step one in disarming North Korea: Knowing what’s in Kim’s arsenal

Kemp: North Korean disarmament: build technology and trust  


What if Iran leaves the NPT?

Trump reportedly requested Saudi oil support before Iran nuclear decision 

With little evidence, Trump claims Iran has curbed activities in the Middle East

Iran opens new nuclear facility for centrifuge production

Iran stands ground on nuclear inspections as France warns of red line

Iran makes hard turn East as fate of nuclear deal dims

Fact Checker: Trump’s claim that an Obama administration effort on Iran was “totally illegal” 

United States

Rick Perry should not be allowed to pick nuclear weapons

Operations resume at WIPP, underground US nuclear waste repository


To reassure US allies in Asia, admit mutual vulnerability with China

First criticality achieved at Chinese EPR

Russia joins China’s race for next-generation nuclear reactors

Fukushima nuclear plant radioactive waste flowed into bay for five years after disaster

Britain’s nuclear U-turn puts us in a very lonely club 

General Interest

AI controlling nuclear reactors? It could happen. 

All the nuclear missile submarines in the world in one chart 

Grand challenge: Bringing a diversity of perspectives into nonproliferation policy 

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