Nuclear Notebook

Since 1987, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has published the Nuclear Notebook, an authoritative accounting of world nuclear arsenals compiled by top experts from the Federation of American Scientists. Today, it is prepared by Hans M. Kristensen and Robert S. Norris of FAS. The Nuclear Notebook is housed at [Taylor & Francis Online], home of our digital journal. Because of its importance to researchers, governments, and citizens around the world, the Nuclear Notebook is always free-to-access. Click on the individual links below to read the corresponding link at tandfonline.

Nuclear Notebook Articles and Updates

Nuclear waste: A hot business?

It usually takes decades for defunct nuclear plants in the United States ...
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Mutate a flu…Say WHAT?

Feed a cold, starve a fever … mutate a flu? In the ...
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Hey, let’s fight global pandemics by maybe starting one… Say WHAT?

Feed a cold, starve a fever ... mutate the flu? A couple ...
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National Security Adviser John Bolton standing behind President Trump in April. Photo credit: Getty Images

New nuclear flashpoints

Over the last couple of weeks, tensions between the United States and ...
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Dragons, thrones, and nukes, oh my.

Are the dragons in Game of Thrones a metaphor for nuclear weapons? ...
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“You can’t preach temperance from a barstool.”

Some of the most interesting things being said about climate change are ...
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Financial system could be destabilized by stranded carbon-intensive assets, warns Bank of Canada

Editor’s note: This story was originally published by Canada’s National Observer. It appears here ...
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