Nuclear Notebook

Since 1987, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has published the Nuclear Notebook, an authoritative accounting of world nuclear arsenals compiled by top experts from the Federation of American Scientists. Today, it is prepared by Hans M. Kristensen and Robert S. Norris of FAS. The Nuclear Notebook is housed at [Taylor & Francis Online], home of our digital journal. Because of its importance to researchers, governments, and citizens around the world, the Nuclear Notebook is always free-to-access. Click on the individual links below to read the corresponding link at tandfonline.

Nuclear Notebook Articles and Updates


How to make progress with North Korea now

In early 2017, the Trump administration could have taken up a Chinese- ...
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partly submerged graffiti

Florence and the 5 stages of climate change acceptance

Now that we’ve gotten through Hurricane Florence, Americans should be completely up ...
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Nuclear power’s weapons link: Cause to limit, not boost exports

The criticism that supporters of US nuclear exports have found most difficult ...
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Bulletin columnist Duyeon Kim on CNN.

At inter-Korean summit, little of substance on denuclearization

The leaders of North and South Korea met again this week, ostensibly ...
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Mini-nukes: Still a horrible and dangerous idea

Perhaps the most dangerous weapons program the US government has recently pursued ...
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Tell a rising scholar about Voices of Tomorrow!

Part of the Bulletin's Next Generation initiative, the Voices of Tomorrow program was created to ...
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Youngest speaker at GCAS summit

Summit: Not everything is for sale

Though overshadowed in news headlines by a major hurricane in the Atlantic ...
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Will anti-money laundering reform in Iran matter?

Next month, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)—an intergovernmental body that sets ...
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