Nuclear Roundup: 5/25/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | May 25, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

Why Trump’s cancellation of the North Korea summit may undermine the US-South Korea alliance

Now that the summit is off between the US and North Korea, what’s next? 

Trump’s negotiating playbook faced test in North Korea 

How Trump got outplayed on North Korea 

Courting Kim and coming up short highlights the limits of Trump’s me-first diplomacy 

Trump wanted to cancel North Korea summit before Kim Jong-un could 

On North Korea, Trump should do his homework next time 

Trump’s cancellation of summit with Kim raises fears of renewed tensions, destabilization 

UN chief concerned by cancellation of US-North Korea summit 

What Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un don’t know about their own standoff 

Collapse of Trump-Kim summit threatens to deepen US-China rift 

North Korea keeps hopes of talks alive after Trump cancellation 

South Korean leader vows to press on after Trump cancels summit 

Inside North Korea’s nuclear test site demolition show 

Why North Korea’s denuclearization plan doesn’t convince this nuclear expert 


Vienna meeting is a last-ditch effort to save Iran nuclear deal 

Iran asks Europe what it can offer to keep it in the nuclear deal after US pullout 

Iran staying within nuclear deal’s restrictions—IAEA report 

After talks with Macron, Putin warns of “lamentable consequences” if Iran nuclear deal collapses 


Schlosser: the growing dangers of the new nuclear-arms race 

UN chief sets out disarmament vision, from hand grenades to H-bombs 

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