Why climate change isn’t a campaign centerpiece

By Dan Drollette Jr | October 11, 2016

Trump's antics at the debate (and to some extent, Clinton's) have taken so much space that it's hard to bring in issues of substance, such as climate change and fossil fuels.

Chris Mooney of the Washington Post says "It’s becoming more and more clear what role climate and energy issues are going to play in this presidential campaign — a minor one at best. On the one hand, it’s a slight improvement upon the campaign of 2012, in that the subject of our warming planet is now actually coming up peripherally in presidential debates. But the mentions hardly do justice to the issue’s global significance or to just how differently the two candidates would handle the biggest environmental problem of our lifetimes."

Any yet, the most telling question from the audience was about energy, the environment, and the future.

Publication Name: Washington Post
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