Nuclear Roundup: 11/29/16

By Jodi Lieberman | November 29, 2016

A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

Iran Nuclear Deal

U.S., Western Allies Push Iran on New Measures to Bolster Nuclear Deal

Will Donald Trump destroy the Iran deal?

How Iran Hopes the Nuclear Deal Will Revive Its Economy

United States

Rubio deflects on Trump and the nuclear codes

Donald Trump and the nuclear danger

Presidential Command and Control in the Age of Trump

The future of nuclear energy

America’s Chernobyl’: Inside the most toxic place in the nation

Cutting-Edge Technology Enabling International Nuclear Explosion Monitoring to be Showcased on Capitol Hill


U.N. Is Poised to Tighten Sanctions on North Korea Over Nuclear Programs

Seoul to reinforce military organization in charge of N. Korean WMD threats

Russian senator promises nuclear response to NATO expansion

Report: Nuclear material said stolen from Iran could yield 'dirty bomb'

The Strange Story of Russia and China's Cold War Nuclear Weapons Break-Up

Politics of the Nuclear Suppliers Group

Japan Gets Serious About THAAD

Japan shows why the world needs fracking — and nuclear power

Safety research to occur alongside Monju decommissioning

Brexit’s nuclear fallout: 3,000 cubic metres of Oxfordshire waste

General Interest

OPLAN 2045: Preparing for nuclear disarmament

Scientists are turning nuclear waste into super-efficient diamond batteries

Nuclear Plant Security

New, Groundbreaking Revelation Brings Us Closer to Nuclear Fusion

Brian Henderson: Experimenting with physics and policy

How Would You Know If a Nuclear War Started?

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