Nuclear Roundup: 12/09/16

By Jodi Lieberman | December 9, 2016

A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

Iran Nuclear Deal

Emboldened Iran hawks eager to press Tehran on nuclear violations under Donald Trump

Trump and His Iran-Haters

United States

Cuts to the Hedge

Today in military nuclear waste

Federal nuclear waste dump has more to do before reopening

Udall Votes For Major National Defense Bill To Secure NM Priorities

INL’s Peters to meet with transition team

Trump Team’s Memo Hints at Broad Shake-Up of U.S. Energy Policy

Trump Team’s Asking for Ways U.S. Can Keep Nuclear Power Alive

Senate passes federal funding bill that includes funds for Savannah River Site's MOX facility

General Atomics, Nordion to Get Phase II Funds from DOE to Support Medical Isotope Production


U.S. official warns of North Korean nuclear capabilities

North Korea’s Kim can fire, but not target nuclear weapons

China 'needs more nuclear weapons to deal with Trump': Government mouthpiece newspaper says extra defence is required should US treat Beijing 'unacceptably'

Kashmir, climate change, and nuclear war

Are Nuclear Weapons Pushing India and Pakistan towards War?

Japan Deal Signals India’s Nuclear Normalization, but With Limits

India’s civil nuclear deals

A Global Nuclear Winter: Avoiding the Unthinkable in India and Pakistan

Russia Seen Moving New Missiles To Eastern Europe

Russia’s Buildup in Kaliningrad to Test Donald Trump on NATO

US-Russia rift threatens science ties that keep us safe

Japan Raises Estimate for 2011 Nuclear Accident to $200 Billion

What the U.S. Government Really Thought of Israel’s Apparent 1979 Nuclear Test

General Interest

Safeguard the World’s Nuclear Arsenals


Radioactive Diamond Batteries — Making Good Use of Nuclear Waste

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