Nuclear Roundup: 1/30/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | January 30, 2017

A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

Iran Nuclear Deal

Hollande Urges Trump to Respect Iran Nuclear Deal

Thomas R. Pickering column: Whatever happened to the Iran nuclear deal?

Testing IR-8 Machines Milestone in Nuclear R&D

United States

Finger on the button: should Trump’s nuclear weapons access be restricted?

U.S. Reviews Nuclear Strike Survival for Russia and China

Nuclear Balancing and the Curse of the Heavy ICBM

New regs for Tuesday: Trump’s moratorium delays nuclear, ceiling fan rules

Trump appoints Kristine Svinicki as chair of Nuclear Regulatory Commission


As Secretary Mattis prepares for Asia visit, North Korea starts reactor

North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Facility: Operations Resume at the 5 MWe Plutonium Production Reactor

The North Korean nuclear freeze mirage

North Korea could test midrange missile before ICBM

Can the US Prevent North Korea from Testing an ICBM?

China’s Happy to Sit Out the Nuclear Arms Race

Japan’s ‘Unresolved’ Disaster Sways Former Advocate of Nuclear Power

Why the World Needs to Watch the India-Pakistan Nuclear Standoff

After Indira Gandhi’s death, US assessed India could’ve crippled Pakistan’s nuclear-plants

Why Russia’s New RS-28 Sarmat Nuclear Missile Matters

Is Britain’s nuclear arsenal fit for purpose?

General Interest

WATCH: How far away would you need to be to survive a nuclear blast?

14,900 nukes: All the nations armed with atomic weapons and how many they have


Nuclear war is no longer the stuff of dystopian novellas – it’s a very real and immediate threat

Why Nuclear Weapons Are a Bad Idea

When Nuclear Bombs Go Wrong

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