Catholic groups ramp up international divestment momentum

By Dan Drollette Jr | May 24, 2017

President Trump may try to make nice with Pope Francis on his country-hopping trip overseas, but there is a wide gap between the two when it comes to issues such as global warming, immigration, and health care.

This was highlighted by a story from the Independent Catholic News, which said that Catholic organizations from several countries have announced the withdrawal of their investments from fossil fuel companies, in the largest joint Catholic divestment to date.

The nine groups—including religious orders and dioceses in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Italy—timed their announcement so that it coincides with the G7 leaders summit in Italy from May 26-27 to discuss the biggest threats to global stability, including climate change. And at the same time as the meeting with the US president.

To explain why Catholic institutions were moving their money away from fossil fuels, Neil Thorns, the director of advocacy for the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development, said” “Global temperatures last year were—for the third year running—the hottest on record. Catholics around the world have recognized the impact this has on our sisters and brothers and are responding to the pope’s call for us to take action.”

Publication Name: Independent Catholic News
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