Nuclear Roundup: 5/1/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | May 1, 2017

A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

Iran Nuclear Deal

The US must become more aggressive about stopping Iranian nuclear development

European Union Doubles Down on Support for Iran Nuclear Accord

Parsi: Much Ado About Nothing: Politico’s Iran Deal Investigation Debunked

United States

Russia weighs heavily in America’s nuclear plans

Opinion: Harmful rhetoric involving nuclear weapons didn’t start with Trump, but he should end it

Nuclear warhead modernization needs funding increase, GAO finds

Link to GAO Report: Action Needed to Address Affordability of Nuclear Modernization Programs

No More For MOX

The time is right to open Yucca Mountain for nuclear waste

Summary of DoD FY17 Omnibus:

Summary of Energy in Omnibus

Summary of Homeland Security in Omnibus


Defiant North Korea hints at nuclear tests to boost force ‘to the maximum’

Trump can’t deter North Korea’s nuclear efforts. What’s the end game

Trump: ‘We’ll see’ if a North Korean nuclear test would trigger U.S. response


The Ultimate Question: Could America Stop a Nuclear Attack from North Korea?

Could North Korea Soon Launch a Nuclear War Against America from Underwater?

Why North Korea Cannot Have Nuclear Weapons, But Japan And South Korea Should

Here’s what’s driving North Korea’s nuclear program — and it might be more than self-defense

New ISIS Report: North Korea’s Nuclear Capabilities: A Fresh Look

The Japanese citizens who only have 10 minutes warning before a nuclear attack

Ukraine clings to nuclear power despite Chernobyl trauma

It is time for Europe to face its nuclear challenge

Preview of IAEA Side Events at Next Week’s NPT Preparatory Committee Meeting

The Indo-US nuclear deal is dead. Amen

General Interest

The U.S. Navy Had Big Plans to Turn Battleships into Super Killer “Nuclear Battleships”

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