Nuclear Roundup: 8/1/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | August 1, 2017

A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

North Korea

DPRK slams South Korea for seeking to dismantle north’s nuclear weapons

Trump weighs sanctions against China to pressure Beijing to halt North Korea threat

Analysts doubt North Korea’s ICBM re-entry capability

Russia, China Hit Back After U.S. Criticizes Them Over North Korea Crisis

Image analysis reveals North Korea may have planned to send first ICBM test much closer to Japan

North Korea timeline: From Trump’s inauguration to now

It’s Time to Play Good Cop, Bad Cop with Pyongyang

Trump’s reaction to North Korea cannot be nuclear

Hecker: How close is North Korea to launching a nuclear missile?

How will South Korea and Japan respond to North Korea?

United States

U.S. to launch yet another test missile from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base

Energy Department Scientists Barred from Attending Nuclear Power Conference

Nuclear labs endanger public with radioactive mail


Iran says new US sanctions breach nuclear deal: Tasnim news agency

New Iran sanctions succeed where the nuclear deal failed

Lewis: Scuttling the Iran Deal Will Lead to Another North Korea

Tobey: Tearing Up the Nuke Deal Now Would Hand Iran the Best of All Possible Worlds

North Korea’s ICBM Test is a Win for Iran

Why doesn’t South Korea have nuclear weapons? For a time, it pursued them.

How to Clean Up Hundreds of Tons of Melted Nuclear Fuel

Amount of plutonium held by Japan falls slightly with reactor restarts

Sixtieth Anniversary of the IAEA

General Interest

Russia and America Had Plans to Attack the Moon with Nuclear Weapons

How Hiroshima changed war and the future of man

Physics Researchers Eye Experimental Box as Key to Tracking Nuclear Activity by Rogue Nations

How to Make Plutonium

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