Nuclear Roundup: 8/24/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | August 24, 2017

A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

North Korea

U.S., North Korea clash at U.N. forum over nuclear weapons

The Whys and Hows of Nuclear Diplomacy with North Korea

Why North Korea Will Test Another Nuclear Weapon Soon

Hecker: 3 Kims and 6 U.S. Presidents Later, Diplomacy Can Still Solve the North Korea Crisis

Hecker: If Nixon Went to China, Trump Can Talk to North Korea

How a Chinese entrepreneur evaded sanctions and financed North Korea’s nuclear weapons program

Here’s How North Korea Could Accidentally Trigger a Volcanic Supereruption

United States

The nuclear football is a lot like a Denny’s menu

Lockheed, Raytheon Win Contracts for New Nuclear Cruise Missile

The Problem with America’s Nuclear Weapons: They’re Really Old

What We Know About the U.S.’s New Nuclear Missile

Trump’s Nuclear Crisis Was of His Own Making

No, Robert Mueller Is Not “Radioactive”

Radiological crimes investigation

Lewis: I’m a nuclear weapons expert. Trump’s presidency is my personal nightmare

Plutonium downblending would take decades, DOE expert says

Senator seeks answers on LANL’s nuclear safety


Haley takes U.S. “concerns” on Iran to the nuclear police

U.N. ambassador says Trump has not decided his next move on Iran nuclear deal

US-IAEA Negotiations Detrimental to JCPOA

How Trump Can Correctly Approach Iran’s Nuclear Deal

Iran nuclear agreement review procedures similar to Russian sanctions process

Editorial: Keep the Iran nuclear deal — for now

Russia sends nuclear-capable bombers on mission near South Korea, Japan

German rival of Chancellor Merkel vows to remove U.S. nuclear weapons from the country

New App to Help Customs Officers Improve Radiation Detection for Nuclear Security

A milestone in nuclear non-proliferation: IAEA Low Enriched Uranium Bank in Kazakhstan

Here’s How Warren Buffett Bankrolled a Uranium Bank In Kazakhstan

General Interest

Fischer: The age of nuclear deterrence is over

A New Oxidation State for Plutonium

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