Nuclear Roundup: 8/30/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | August 30, 2017

A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

North Korea

This military base is training to shoot down a North Korean nuclear missile

Donald Trump says ‘talking is not the answer’ in North Korea nuclear standoff

Why the U.S. Media Gets North Korea Wrong

Trump’s tough talk does little to deter North Korea

Allison: The North Korean Threat Beyond ICBMs

Why Didn’t the US Shoot Down That North Korean Missile?

Can the world live with a nuclear North Korea?

Should North Korea and others be allowed to have nuclear weapons if the U.S. can?

United States

Donald Trump, North Korea and nuclear weapons: Should presidents alone decide?

Lower-Yield Weapons Will Raise, Not Lower, the Threshold for Nuclear Use

Plutonium research to advance stockpile safely


Russia Pushing US to Uphold Iran Nuclear Deal

North Korea’s calculated chaos ought to make Trump think again on Iran

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton has a plan to pull out of the Iran deal. It’s bad.

Kimball: Don’t Abandon the Iran Nuclear Deal

Lewis: Trump’s Next Self-Inflicted Crisis Is a Nuclear Iran

Russia fears new U.S. nuclear arms make bombing more likely

How Kazakhstan Could Help Prevent Nuclear War (Op-ed)

Kazakhstan can be moral leader, key mediator in nuclear disarmament: head of CTBTO

America can’t work with Russia

Weapons & War Analysis: Russian Military vs US & NATO

Nuclear campaigner who survived Nagasaki bombing dies aged 88

Fukushima’s Clean-Up Crews Are Getting Some Help From “Muscle Robots”

General Interest

UT professor, students collaborate with Air Force to conduct nuclear research

New Science Channel Doc: Did the CIA Blow Up Chernobyl?

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