Nuclear Roundup: 9/19/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | September 19, 2017

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

In U.N. speech, Trump threatens to ‘totally destroy North Korea’ and calls Kim Jong Un ‘Rocket Man’

Trump Threatens to ‘Totally Destroy’ North Korea

Pentagon chief says he was asked about reintroducing tactical nuclear weapons in South Korea

Xi and Trump discuss sanctions pressure on North Korea: White House

N Korea says sanctions will speed up nuclear programme

Spain becomes fourth country to expel North Korean envoy over nuclear program

Did Pakistan help North Korea develop nuclear weapons? India-US-Japan want to know

Three reasons China will not accept a nuclear armed North Korea

GOP rep: North Korea wants Iran-type nuclear deal

There’s no easy living with a nuclear-armed North Korea

North Korea: The Full Transcript

Op-Ed: How to neutralize North Korea’s nuclear threat without starting a world war

United States

Trump to hail Iranian people as a threat to regime’s status quo

Sonoma County radiation-detector maker sees uptick in business amid nuclear worries

Is America About to Dump the INF Treaty?

U.S. Senate Passes Bill To Fund New Cruise Missile, Fight Russian Propaganda


France tells Trump that quitting Iran nuclear deal risks ‘spiral of proliferation’

Why Iran’s nuclear program is a greater threat than North Korea’s

Memorandum to President Trump on the Iran Nuclear Deal

Government has no plans to close aging Dimona nuclear facility

Revisiting India’s Nuclear Exceptionalism

Russian-built nuclear plant revives Chernobyl fears

General Conference Day 1 Highlights

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