Nuclear Roundup: 9/27/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | September 27, 2017

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

China says military means not an option to resolve Korea situation

As Trump and North Korea trade threats, the Pentagon’s top general calls for restraint

S. Korean leader says N. Korea still has chance for peaceful resolution

North Korea taps GOP analysts to better understand Trump and his messages

Behind North Korea’s Bluster, Some See Caution

North Korea: California’s plans for nuclear attack revealed

A North Korean Nuclear Weapons Test in the Pacific Ocean: An Act of War?

Nuclear weapons tests off Hebrides to prepare NATO for North Korea action

North Korea should be Trump’s Cold War

The Dangerous Misunderstanding at the Core of the North Korea Debate

United States

Gen. Dunford Confirmation Hearing

Advance Policy Questions

Group opposes bringing German nuclear material through Charleston to Savannah River Site

The Agency That Launches America’s Nuclear Missiles Just Messed Up a Tweet

Here’s Every Nuclear Weapon in the US Arsenal

Nuclear Neighborhood

Metro Transit Police to receive radiation detectors in face of ‘dirty bomb’ threat


Top US General Says Exiting Iran Nuclear Pact Would Make Future Deals Tough

IAEA chief calls for clarity on disputed section of Iran nuclear deal

Trump tweeted about a new Iran missile test that didn’t happen

A moment of truth for the Iran nuclear deal

The Myth of a ‘Better’ Iran Deal

Russia launches drills involving ICBMs in Siberia

Report: Russia Continues to Use Nuclear Threats to Intimidate Neighbors

Russia’s military confused for aliens after advanced missile launches into the sky

India Calls For Building Trust, Confidence Among Nuclear Weapon States

General Interest

How Many Nuclear Weapons Exist? U.N. Calls for Total Elimination of Nukes

Nuclear Weapons: The Only Way America Would Have Won the Vietnam War?

In 1977, a Dying Russian Satellite Created Havoc for One Reason: It Was Nuclear Powered

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