New online course from The William J. Perry Project: The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism

By | October 13, 2017


Announcing a new free online course from The William J. Perry Project: The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism. In this custom-designed MOOC, former Secretary of Defense William Perry brings together internationally-renowned experts, scientists, political activists and scholars to address the critical, and often poorly understood, dangers of nuclear terrorism.

This new course launches October 17th—you can enroll here:

Here are some of the key issues you will be studying:

Is the threat of nuclear terrorism real? You will listen to Graham Allison, Martha Crenshaw, David Holloway and Joe Martz as they investigate the evidence with William Perry and selected Stanford students.

What would be the consequences of a nuclear terror attack? The scenario is difficult to imagine, but Alex Wellerstein and Lynn Eden will help our students understand just what could happen if the worst case occurs, and how we can work to limit the damage.

What can we do to prevent or mitigate this risk? You will explore this crucial question with the help of Stephen Flynn, Rachel Bronson, Valerie Plame Wilson, Ellen Tauscher and Jeffrey Lewis.

As was the case with our prior course, Living at the Nuclear Brink, you will have the opportunity to obtain a signed Statement of Accomplishment by watching the lecture videos and completing the weekly Peer Assessment tasks, but there are no prerequisites other than curiosity and a passion for learning.

Interested in joining the new course? Make sure to visit: to sign-up!

Together, we make the world safer.

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