Nuclear Roundup: 10/27/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | October 27, 2017

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

Pentagon chief Mattis stresses diplomacy in North Korea crisis

Democrats push bill to stop a Trump pre-emptive strike on North Korea

Chinese scientists warn North Korea about disaster threat at nuclear test site

United States

Pence to tour North Dakota’s nuclear weapons base

Putin casts S.C. into international limelight with MOX mention

Former CIA chief: Nuclear war with Russia, biological weapons and climate change ‘only’ existential threats to US

Suspended agent had ‘unauthorized access’ to nukes

Link to DOE IG Report

Remembering JFK’s visit to Hanford. 37,000 watched him wave ‘atomic wand’


Iran’s UN envoy urges destruction of all nuclear weapons

Contain, enforce, and engage: An integrated US strategy to address Iran’s nuclear and regional challenges

The real importance of North Korean and Iranian pursuit of nuclear weapons

Russia test fires 4 intercontinental-range ballistic missiles

How the US Navy is ‘helping’ Russia’s subs become more deadly

Soviet submarine officer who averted nuclear war awarded ‘Future of Life’ prize

Russia has a dead nuclear submarine that was never recovered (armed with nukes)

Nuclear club’s rival weapons and agendas pushing us into uncertain new world

South Korean opposition leader calls for ‘freedom nuclear alliance’

South Korea’s nuclear energy debate

General Interest

No nukes, they say

Disarming the world

In 1982, a UK sub stole a top secret Soviet sonar device

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