Nuclear Roundup: 11/29/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | November 29, 2017

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

South Korean official: North Korea developing nuclear weapons faster than expected

North Korea says nuke push complete as entire US in range

Trump: ‘We will handle’ North Korea

Trump, Japan’s Abe agree to boost deterrence against North Korea: Japan government

North Korea’s highest missile test yet means they could hit Washington

Can mega-boastful North Korea really nuke D.C.? Here’s what experts say.

A guide to North Korea’s missiles

Kim refuses to be intimidated

North Korea: Whatever plan the US has to rein in Kim’s nuclear ambitions, it isn’t working

Missile launch is just North Korea’s latest bait and switch

United States

In White House, Flynn pitched nuclear plan from company he’d advised: Reports

Clintons understated support from firm hired by Russian nuclear company

New director announced to lead Los Alamos National Laboratory

Carter: What I learned from the people who built the atom bomb


JCPOA too strong to be easily scrapped: Iranian president

Europeans descend on DC to defend Iran deal

Iranian-North Korean talks raise specter of cooperation on military, ballistic missile technology

How ready is Switzerland for a nuclear disaster?

What would happen if a North Korean nuclear bomb hit Cambridge?

Sellafield nuclear site workers to strike over pay

General Interest

‘We, too, are survivors.’ 223 women in national security sign open letter on sexual harassment

75 years ago, scientists conducted an unprecedented nuclear experiment

The nightmare aftermath of a nuclear bomb

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