Nuclear Roundup: 12/1/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | December 1, 2017

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

Mattis: Diplomacy hasn’t failed with North Korea

Russia is preparing for North Korea war as tensions rise, says Putin’s top security adviser

Russian envoy calls for restraint over Korean Peninsula nuclear crisis

Winter Olympics will be held safely, says South Korea on North Korea nuclear test

North Korea says it has ‘completed’ its nuclear program. What does that mean?

The upside of giving up on North Korea

Time for limited U.S. military action against North Korea

An American attack on North Korea will come with epic consequences

United States.

What the law of war says about nuclear strikes

We can’t attack North Korea. It’s against the law.

Iran policy implications of replacing Tillerson with Pompeo and Cotton to CIA

Iran, nukes and Trump: Is war likely?

Homeland Security says it is creating new WMD office

Former Defense Secretary William Perry sounds the alarm over the present nuclear danger

Manhattan Project’s nuclear breakthroughs leave complicated legacy 75 years later

The Nuclear Age at 75: Remembering Chicago’s role

Center for Nonproliferation Studies at MIIS at Monterey hosts seminar by Russian Ambassador to U.S.

Duke’s Peter Feaver on the president and US nuclear command and control


Russia’s new missile submarine sure looks familiar

An end to the treaty that ended the cold war? US-Russia spat puts INF at risk

Bangladesh starts constructing its first nuclear power plant

U.N. disarmament meeting in Hiroshima concludes after nuclear weapons talks

The Middle East’s next big challenge: nuclear security

Canada to provide Kazakhstan with radionuclide, noble gas detection station

General Interest

SLAM was the Armageddon cruise missile from hell

How to cope with fears of a nuclear disaster

How to build and deliver a nuclear weapon

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