Nuclear Roundup: 12/13/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | December 13, 2017

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un fetes rocket scientists, promises more weapons

Tillerson hopes diplomacy can counter North Korea nuclear threat

Russia welcomes US pledge to drop preconditions on North Korea talks

White House: Trump stance on North Korea has ‘not changed’

North Korean abductees remain victims of nuclear standoff

Amid the clamor for war in Korea, here are two voices for peace

United States

Trump punted the Iran deal to Congress. Congress just punted it back.

Corker ‘semi-hopeful’ on Iran legislation as key deadline passes

Lisa Gordon-Hagerty picked for DOE nuclear security undersecretary post

President Donald J. Trump announces intent to nominate Andrea Thompson to the Department of State

Why Flynn’s nuclear advocacy was so dangerous

CHAMP: Could America’s EMP missile fry North Korea’s nukes?

Closing Homeland Security laboratories to build a wall puts lives in danger


Nuclear pact’s endurance depends on ensuring Iran’s interests

Europeans help sway Congress to punt on legislation that could kill Iran deal

Improving on the Iran Deal

Russia and China military drills target both North Korea and US

Russia sharply expanding nuclear arsenal, upgrading underground facilities

Russian nuclear plant says it emits leaked nuclear isotope

Why South Korea might want nuclear weapons

Brexit: MPs demand close nuclear regulatory co-operation with Euratom after leaving EU

Avoiding a nuclear meltdown: How we might resolve the Euratom question

Japan court bars restart of nuclear reactor shut after Fukushima

Hong Kong to conduct large nuclear safety drill

Supporting safety in Cyprus: IAEA expert mission updates Cyprus’ national inventory of disused sealed sources

General Interest

New report: Re-energizing nuclear security

The doomsday diet

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