Nuclear Roundup: 12/18/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | December 18, 2017

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

‘North Korea is a time bomb’: government advisers urge China to prepare for war

S. Korea will ‘tirelessly’ seek diplomatic solution to N.K. nuke issue: top diplomat

N. Korea unmoved as world unites against its nuke ambitions

A Tillerson slip offers a peek into secret planning on North Korea

Rocket men: The team building North Korea’s nuclear missile

Mattis says North Korean ICBM not yet a ‘capable threat’ against US

S. Korean, US forces hold drill for removing North Korea’s WMDs

4 things the world learned from North Korea in 2017

North Korea may soon test another nuclear weapon (the only question is where)

Talk of attacking Pyongyang getting ‘carried away,’ Kasich says

The North Korea crisis in regional context

We are sleepwalking toward war with North Korea

United States

How the US Department of Energy shapes North Korea policy

Trump National Security Strategy sees US confronting China and Russia

‘Foolish’ Trump should not be allowed to sink nuclear deal: ex-White House official

How Trump is protecting Europe from Russian nukes

Responding to BASIC and ELN’s “Changing Nuclear Weapons Policy in the Trump Era” report

Link to Report

Solution developed for Hanford vit plant could help nuclear industry

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook


Russia’s Lavrov and Iran’s Zarif discuss nuclear issue by phone: Russia

Iran’s “Kitten” cyber hackers poised to strike if Trump shreds nuke deal

Possibility of nuclear war in South Asia cannot be ruled out: Pak NSA

Cyber security at nuclear facilities: US-Russian joint support needed

Nadezhda Kutepova: Life in Russia’s secret nuclear city

The Russian villagers living in the shadow of a nuclear tragedy

Japan power companies face surging nuclear fuel recycling costs

Nuclear deterrence and Pakistan’s second-strike capability in Indian Ocean region

General Interest

Expert: EMP weapons are a “loony idea”

Pulse Films goes nuclear with drama series ‘Atomic Bazaar’

‘Doomsday Machine’ highlights threat of nuclear weapons

The internet has made nuclear war thinkable – again

Edwin McMillan and Glenn Seaborg, discoverers of new elements and isotopes

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