Nuclear Roundup: 12/4/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | December 4, 2017

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

South Korea, U.S. launch air drills amid North Korean warnings of nuclear war

Germany bids to reopen North Korea channels to halt slide to war

US reiterates denuclearization as precondition for talks with NK

US Senator: Time to move US military families out of South Korea

North Korea’s military capabilities, in review

North Korean defectors say nuclear tests have ravaged their health

Flight crew witnessed North Korean nuclear missile test, airline says

Nobel Peace Prize winner’s son says missile may be chance for North Korea talks

Which countries have diplomatic relations with North Korea

Hecker: What we really know about North Korea’s nuclear weapons

There is no military option to take out North Korean nuclear program

Sokolsky: The folly of deploying US tactical nuclear weapons to South Korea

Why North Korea’s next nuclear test could lead to war

Millions could die if North Korea attacked Seoul with a nuclear weapon

United States

DOJ failed to interview FBI informant before it filed charges in Russian nuclear bribery case

Trump administration moving to beef up nuclear test readiness

Report: Agency holding nuke bombs grapples with oversight

University leaders make case to keep managing Los Alamos Lab

Remembering the Chicago Pile, the world’s first nuclear reactor

10 intriguing facts about the world’s first nuclear chain reaction

Atomic Age began 75 years ago with the first controlled nuclear chain reaction

U of C commemorates CP-1 anniversary with talks, symphony, and rainbow firework grand finale


Majlis speaker: Nuclear deal was necessary, right choice

Netanyahu urges Washington ‘policy community’ to advocate on behalf of revised Iran deal

Is the Iran deal set to unravel?

Is Russia covering up a nuclear accident?

Russia takes action to clean up Soviet-era nuclear waste

China’s nuclear arsenal a high-level state secret

Chinese military strategy: A work in progress

How South Africa voluntarily gave up its nuclear weapons

Yemen’s Houthi group says fires missile toward Abu Dhabi nuclear reactor

U.A.E. denies Yemen rebels fired missile at Abu Dhabi nuclear plant

Japan must persistently act as bridge between nuclear, nonnuclear states

General Interest

The costs of nuclear secrecy

Dr. Strangelove was a documentary

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