Nuclear Roundup: 12/8/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | December 8, 2017

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

Breaking the vicious cycle of the US-North Korea nuclear standoff

Singapore Airlines changed U.S. route because of North Korean missiles

Moon calls for ‘overwhelming’ military capability against North Korea

Russia accuses US of thwarting North Korea diplomacy

China no ally on North Korea, Sen. Tom Cotton says

Air Force developing weapon that could disable North Korean missiles

The Hwasong-15: The anatomy of North Korea’s new ICBM

Spring 2018: When America will go to war with North Korea?

A dangerous choice looms for Trump on North Korea

North Korea might just blow up a nuclear weapon in the atmosphere

Commentary: Remember Iran when dealing with North Korea

The time for doing nothing on North Korea is over

United States

Congressmen ask DOE Sec. Perry to streamline nuclear export rules

Text of letter to DOE

UGA Research: U.S. medical profession unprepared for nuclear attack

Sobering film on nuclear attack shows need for more nuclear defense spending

Protecting America in the new nuclear age

Document: DOE considering SRS as site to build nuclear weapons components

Homeland Security to create new office focused on countering weapons of mass destruction

The atomic age began with a secret test 75 years ago. Meet the last surviving witness.


Iranian MP: ‘Nuclear weapons have no place in Iran’s strategy’

Russia’s nuclear ‘death train’; Is the Kremlin scrapping the Soviet-inspired railway weapon?

Russia says it’s ready for talks with U.S. on key arms-control treaty

Novator 9M729: The Russian missile that broke INF treaty’s back?

Trump and Putin risk arms race in Europe if they don’t keep nuclear treaty, warns Gorbachev

Russia: Spike in radioactivity unrelated to nuclear plant

Wassenaar Arrangement admits India as its 42nd member

South Africa to scale down nuclear expansion plan

Old Ford Cortina aids nuclear reactor work at Dounreay

General Interest

Nuclear explosions for the betterment of mankind?

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