Introduction: Good news in perilous times

By John Mecklin, January 2, 2018

Because it is the keeper of the Doomsday Clock, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is occasionally (if quite wrongly) accused of fear-mongering. The magazine, its editors, and its authors could more accurately be charged with hope-mongering, having for more than 70 years aggressively pushed the idea that humans can control the technology they create and use it for the benefit of humanity, rather than its destruction. We are mongering that hope again, very purposely, with this special issue.

To illustrate how technologies now in relatively advanced stages of research and development really could significantly change the world for the better, the Bulletin asked top experts across a variety of relevant fields to explain the success stories they have seen around the world.

Read the rest of editor-in-chief John Mecklin’s free-access introduction to the January/February digital Journal: The good news on reducing global risk.


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