Nuclear Roundup: 1/16/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | January 16, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

US and Canada will host North Korea nuclear meeting

North Korea scoffs at Trump’s “nuclear button” tweet

Military quietly prepares for a last resort: War with North Korea

China blasts US for “Cold War Mentality” over “useless” North Korea nuclear

The untold story of India-North Korean secret nuclear connection

The US just majorly stepped up nuclear bomber deployments to Guam amid soaring North Korea tensions

Did the US underestimate North Korea’s weapons program? It’s not that simple.

Want to strike North Korea? It’s not going to go the way you think.

Sig Hecker on 60 Minutes: The North Korean nuclear program

Commentary: North Korean nuclear crisis will resume after Olympics

Why Americans aren’t really worried about war with North Korea

United States

Pentagon planning two new nuclear weapons: report

Statement by the President on the Iran nuclear deal

US plans new nuclear weapons

Trump should stop fantasizing about killing the Iran nuclear deal

How emergency alerts are supposed to work, and what went wrong in Hawaii

Hawaii’s missile scare “reminds us how precarious the nuclear age is”

What if Hawaii’s false missile alert had been real? Here’s what would happen next

Hawaii false alarm hints at thin line between mishap and nuclear war

False missile alert looms as a black eye for Hawaii and its governor

Nuclear war became more likely this week – here’s why

What would happen if a nuclear bomb fell on San Antonio?


Iran rejects Trump’s demand for changing nuclear deal

Russian, Iranian foreign ministers discuss Syria and Iran nuclear deal

Russia has underwater nuclear drones, leaked Pentagon documents reveal

Pakistan slams India for “Invitation for Nuclear Encounter”

New SIPRI report: Export controls, human security and cyber-surveillance technology

General Interest

How to prepare and survive a nuclear bombing

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