Nuclear Roundup: 1/18/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | January 18, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

Exclusive: Trump accuses Russia of helping North Korea evade sanctions; says US needs more missile defense

Russia rejects Trump allegation it is violating UN sanctions on North Korea: Ifax

North Korea rejects sanctions talk, ready for “successful” Olympics: diplomat

Dems after Asia trip: No “illusions” about North Korea’s nuclear work amid Olympics talks

The Koreas’ Olympic unity could be fleeting

Graham: Only a “matter of time” before North Korea crosses a red line

United States

US redeploys nuclear-capable bombers to Asia-Pacific

Trump’s leaked review of the US’s nukes seems to confirm Russia has an underwater nuclear doomsday weapon

A password for the Hawaii emergency agency was hiding in a public photo, written on a Post-it note

John Barrasso encourages feds to investigate, possibly limit uranium imports from Russia

W88 alteration 370 program successfully moving forward

Review of US nuclear weapons paints a picture of a more dangerous nuclear world

UC grilled over LANL safety issues

Trump didn’t scrap the Iran deal. But he did the next worst thing.


India tests-fires Agni-V, a nuclear-capable ICBM

America and Russia may find themselves in a nuclear arms race once again

Death in suspected Kremlin hit

UN chief warns against endangering Iran nuclear deal

UN chief welcomes second anniversary of “Implementation Day” for Iran nuclear deal

Violating the letter and spirit of Iran nuclear deal

Japan and US to extend civilian nuclear pact

Editorial: Turn renewal of Japan-US nuclear pact into chance to reconsider reprocessing

US academics oppose nuclear weapons for Taiwan

Tactical nuclear weapons: How America could have won the Vietnam War?

The US Air Force lost four nuclear bombs in Spain 52 years ago — and the disaster is still being felt now

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